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Empowering Minds,
Nurturing Hearts,
Building Futures.

Little Tykes University

What We're About

At Little Tykes University, we go beyond traditional childcare. We are a Christian Learning Center with a comprehensive approach, ensuring that we address not only your child's developmental and academic needs but also their spiritual well-being. We believe every child is a unique creation, and our mission is to nurture their minds, hearts, and souls.


Spiritual Development

As a Christian Learning Center, we place a strong emphasis on the spiritual development of each child. Our values are rooted in Christian principles, and we incorporate teachings that instill a sense of morality, kindness, and compassion. We believe that fostering spiritual growth is integral to preparing children for a purposeful and fulfilling life.


Connecting Families and Caregivers

We understand that a child's family is their first and most influential teacher. Little Tykes University is dedicated to bridging the gap between home and our learning center. We strive to create an environment where family and caregivers work together as partners in a child's educational journey. By connecting the dots between family and caregivers, we aim to provide a seamless and supportive experience for your child's growth.


The Power of Play

We recognize that play is a powerful tool for learning. Both directed and un-directed play are integral components of our curriculum. Play is not just fun; it's a natural and effective way for children to learn new concepts and develop problem-solving skills. Through play, we create an environment where children can explore, experiment, and discover in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

Discover Our Two Locations

Click to learn more about our East and West Childcare centers, or contact us to schedule an in-person tour!

East Childcare


Childcare & Learning Center

Services We Offer

Little Tykes University Childcare & Learning Center is dedicated to cultivating an environment where children can thrive and grow. We invite you to explore our programs and discover how we can build a strong foundation for your child's bright future from infancy through 9 years old.

Baby with Teddy Bear

Infant Care

Tender care for your littlest ones. Our experienced caregivers create a safe, comforting environment where your baby can thrive and develop essential early skills.


Toddler Programs

Engaging activities for curious minds. Our toddler activities are designed to stimulate cognitive and social development, encouraging your little ones to explore the world around them.


Preschool Education

Building the foundation for a lifetime of learning. In partnership with GSRP, our preschool program prepares children for kindergarten and sets the stage for future academic success.

Kids Playing

Drop-In Care

Flexible care when you need it. We offer a reliable solution for those unexpected moments when you need assistance, ensuring that your child receives the same level of quality care even on short notice.

Kids walking

Elementary School-Age Programs

Supporting academic growth and personal development. We help school-age children grow into well-rounded individuals with a balance of academic support, creative enrichment, and character-building activities.

Summer care

Summer Care

Exciting and educational summer adventures. Our summer care combines fun and learning, creating an enriching experience that fosters friendships and memories that last a lifetime.  *The maximum age we care for is up to 9 Years of age.

Complete the Enrollment Form

Getting Started



Start by filling out our Enrollment Application Form.



Visit one of our two locations and bring the kids for an interactive tour!

*We do tours, but only if we have the spots you're looking for.



We'll update you when space is available in our program.



Complete final paperwork and get ready for the first day!

Every Child Can Thrive

Our Approach to Learning

Little Tykes University embraces a child-centered approach to education. We believe in tailoring our programs to suit each child's individual needs and learning styles. Our curriculum is designed to be engaging, challenging, and developmentally appropriate, ensuring every child can thrive in our learning environment.

Child-Centered Approach

Enroll Today and Experience

The Little Tykes University Difference!

Contact us to schedule a visit or inquire about enrollment. We are here to provide a nurturing space where your child can flourish academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

We accept DHS, ensuring that quality childcare is accessible to all families.

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